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Since September 2020, Point Blank Pepper Company has 'Elevated" flavor with our unique products ranging from mild to hot.

Each of our Rings and Sauce products are carefully crafted to ensure flavor as well as spice.  Our 'Elevated" jalapeno blend seasoning adds heat without altering taste to amp up any dish.

Point Blank Pepper Company products provide a sweet & spicy addition to any recipe and are a versatile staple for any kitchen. 

Click on the Products Tab to learn more about each individual item.

Ways we've used Table Sauces

  • Drizzled over a Baked Brie

  • As a dressing for salads or pasta

  • Added to soups

  • Candied bacon

  • Brushed-on meats or fish

  • Over ice cream (really!)

  • As a simple syrup in cocktails

Ways we've used Rings

  • In salads

  • On Charcuterie Boards

  • chopped in cream or goat cheese

  • On pizza or nachos

  • In cornbread or stuffing

  • In Coleslaw for barbeque

  • Paired with fruit for desserts

Check our our recipe tab for more ways to use our products.

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