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We offer five products in a variety of heat levels.

Smoke Rings - Our award winning mix of jalapeños and mini sweet peppers hand-cut into rings in a sweet, spicy brine.  We add garlic, a pinch of cayenne and other spices to give it an "Elevated" kick that is great anywhere you'd have a pickle or use jalapeños.  Try them on sandwiches, burgers, in tuna or chicken salads, on eggs, or straight out of the jar.   2022 Flavor of Georgia Finalist, 2021 Zest Fest Fiery Foods Show People's Preference Winner 2nd place - Snacks, 2023 Scovie Award Winner - 2nd place Condiments Not Hot & Spicy, Pickled Product, 2022 International Fiery Flavor Award Winner - 1st Place - Pickled Vegetables

Original Mild Caliber Table Sauce - A sweet & sour sauce with the spice of garlic & onions and a kick of heat to give anything an "Elevated" flavor.  Original Mild has a hint of Cayenne and Original Hot has ghost pepper.  Table sauce has so many uses we discover more and more every day.  Try it on rice, vegetables, brushed on grilled meats, in salads, over fruit - even as a simple syrup in adult beverages!

Table Sauce Version 2.0  -Same great taste and uses as Original Mild but amped up with Ghost Pepper to add just the right kick to balance the sweetness.  2023 Scovie Award Winner - 1st place, Sweet Heat,  Sauces, 2022 International Fiery Flavor Award Winner - 3rd Place - Chili Oil / Vinegar


Hallow Rings - Jalapeños and Habaneros in a sweet Ghost Pepper brine to really bring the heat to your favorite recipes.  2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo 3rd place  Winner - Snacks; 2022 ZestFest Fiery Foods Show Winner - 2nd Place Pickled Products; 2022 Zest Fest Fiery Foods Show People's Preference Winner - 1st place -  Snacks, 2023 Scovie Award Winner - 2nd place, Condiments Hot & Spicy, Pickled Product


PITH'D OFF!  - A Uniquely "Elevated" Roasted Jalapeno Blend powder. Add the perfect kick to everything from cornbread, eggs, soups & stews to burgers, wings, tacos & fries. 

Check out some of our favorite ways to use these products on the Recipe Tab.

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