We currently sell three products, but are constantly experimenting with recipes and other ideas so we expect to offer additional items later.  For now we have:

Smoke Rings - A mix of jalapeños and mini sweet peppers hand-cut into rings in a sweet, spicy bread & butter brine.  We add garlic, a pinch of cayenne and other spices to give it an 'Elevated' kick that is great anywhere you'd have a pickle or use jalapeños.  Try them on sandwiches, burgers, in tuna or chicken salads, on eggs, or straight out of the jar.  Smoke Rings have just the right amount of kick to enhance anything you put them on.

Table Sauce - Two versions of a sweet & sour sauce with the spice of garlic & onions and a kick of heat to give anything an 'Elevated' flavor.  Original Mild has a hint of Cayenne and Original Hot has ghost pepper.  Table sauce has so many uses we discover more and more every day.  Try it on Chinese food, rice, vegetables, chicken, in salads - even in a Spicy Margarita!

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