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Scovie Awards 2023_edited_edited.jpg

2021 ZestFest Awards

Smoke Rings:  People's Preference - 2nd Place
Category: Snack
Point Blank Pepper Company:  2nd Place
Category: Marketing - Logo

2021 Flavor of Georgia

Smoke Rings:  Finalist
Category:  Condiments and Salsas

2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Hallow Rings:  3rd Place
Category:  Snacks

2022 ZestFest Awards

Hallow Rings:  2nd Place
Category:  Snack - Pickled Products
Hallow Rings: People's Preference - 1st Place
Category: Snack

2023 Scovie Awards

Table Sauce Version 2.0:  1st Place
Category:  Sweet Heat - Sweet Sauces

Smoke Rings:  2nd Place
Category: Condiments Not Hot & Spicy - Pickled Products
Hallow Rings:  2nd Place
Category: Condiments Hot & Spicy - Pickled Products


2022 International Fiery Flave Awards

Smoke Rings1st Place
Category:  Condiments - Pickled Vegetables

Table Sauce Version 2.0:  3rd Place
Category: Chili Oil/Vinegar


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