One afternoon, Rich Newton got a wild idea to make bread & butter peppers - not pickles.  He took the inspiration from good old fashioned southern bread & butter pickles and fused it with his own rendition to come up with "Elevated" bread & butter peppers.  

Many, many more afternoons and recipe tweaks later, Point Blank Pepper Company Smoke Rings were born.  And in the process, he also made a sweet & sour(ish) Table Sauce that literally goes on anything.

Rich has always had tremendous respect for the military and chose the company name, logo, and overall branding to reflect this.  We hope you and everyone enjoy our products and we thank you for your service!



Rich Newton

President & Chief Pepperhead

Rich loves hot sauce - LOVES.  Really, really loves.  He's in multiple hot sauce and pepper groups on social media, asks for hot sauce for Christmas and his famous last words will be "It's not that hot".


Mindy Newton

Marketing & Pepper Stuffer


Mindy is more of the 'mild' than the Elevated when it comes to the products.  Which means, she gets to taste stuff when Rich says "It's not that hot".


Katie Newton

Offspring & Social Media 


She may have other career plans when she graduates college, but she's been part of this process from day one.  And she's much more artistic than her parents so she gets the title.